Of Solitude and Solemn

by Of Solitude and Solemn

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Barbarian Skull
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Barbarian Skull One of the best releases I've heard in quite some time. Melancholic and highly atmospheric music which draws upon multiple influences. I have not been so moved by lead guitar motifs since the days of Worship (the German band) in their prime. Favorite track: The Wanderer.
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tochtgenoot This guy is way too modest: great sounding and melancholic funeral doom! Favorite track: The Wanderer.
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UPDATE: New material! Stream my side of my upcoming split with Courtsleet here! soundcloud.com/joenoctus/sets/of-solitude-and-solemn

EP/Demo from doom metal project Of Solitude and Solemn. Everything's rather rough but I'm sure people won't laugh at me too much.

Donations will go towards me getting a microphone worth a damn (and maybe making CDs!) but feel free to download it for free.


released February 26, 2013

Joe Hawker - Everything
Credit to Fritz Pape for album artwork photography (He likes trees). Credit to me for making it pink and thus ruining it.



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Of Solitude and Solemn Isle of Wight, UK

Post-rock/doom metal/symphonic project of multi-instrumentalist Joe Hawker, hailing from the UK dealing with melancholic, simplistic-yet-powerful tracks with intricate layering and expansive atmospheres.

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Track Name: The Wanderer
Among worthlessness a glimmer remains
Hope faintly gleaming from an unreachable distance
And what if I fall short of capturing this solace?
For centuries I've stared, forlorn
Not a moment closer

Am I already left behind?
Has the light withered and died?

Away, take my soul far from here
I depart, leaving no trace of me

If I'm gone, no mark will remain
As there's nothing left of me to leave behind
No living being will remember my name
There are no songs to be sung for the nameless
Track Name: Age Upon Age
Beneath this vision of beauty rests a tomb
The forgotten exalted laid to rest
But what of these gods will be remembered
When all has withered and gone?

No gods remain
Age upon age will slowly forget
So falls the rain
Washing clean the earth
Of those hiding from the truth

No gods are here
Nor were they there
But this beauty will always remain
As will death
Until the final sun has set
A bitter cruelty resounds through every sentient being

Don't mourn this passing
For they won't mourn you
As time obscures everything you once knew

Behold the dawning
Of a new age
Unwatched by the gods you hail

Time moves ever onwards with or without you
But this world sustains

(I also repeat some lines like an idiot.)